“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help,

and brave enough to ask for it.”

- Ziad K. Abdelnour



Successful Co-parenting

How to raise children with your spouse or with an ex-partner?

How to deal with the feeling that comes after a divorce?

Co-parenting applies to partners or ex-partners. It means sharing parenting duties. However, divorcing your partner doesn't mean divorcing your children. Start by creating a harmonious space to build communication.

Effective Communication

Do you feel misunderstood and frustrated?

Do you feel your message is not getting across as you want to?

Miscommunication creates a wall, in which both parts can feel nulled and isolated. With the proper tools, you can build a healthy channel with empathy and acceptance.

Making your Relationship Work

Are you committed to pulling through the tough times?

Do you want to overcome the obstacles that your relationship is facing?

Wanting is one thing and knowing how to do it is another. You don’t have to feel alone or without resources. Building a healthy ground to grow is necessary to have a long-lasting and stable relationship.

Rekindling your Relationship

Have you and your partner slowly drifted apart? Have you heard the expression "if it's meant to be, it will work out" and you feel it doesn't apply to you?

Sometimes family crises, work, children or simply the routine can make couples feel like moving by inertia. Partnership requires effort, being creative and finding time. It’s important to stop idealizing love and dedicate productive and valuable time to your relationship.



Building Your Self-Esteem

Do you feel insecure, critical or judgemental against yourself?
Do you think others are more successful than you?

When we only focus on our failures and flaws, suddenly they start defining us and affecting our self-esteem. The first step to loving yourself is dedicating time to yourself. Like in the airplane, first you have to put the oxygen mask yourself before thinking of others.

Coping with Anxiety

Do you worry too much and/or avoid situations that make you uneasy?

Do you experience episodes of intense fear or panic?

Anxiety can become a part of your daily life without you knowing, you can become used to its symptoms. However, it damages your health and your ability to enjoy life. There's a way out and we can work together to find it.

Managing Life Transitions

Do you feel stuck?

Do you want to evolve and overcome difficult changes?

When you're about to leave a phase of your life and your comfort zone, it can be challenging, but it's the only way to grow. You can tread this path with love and support.

Implementing Effective Boundaries

Do you feel others overstep frequently?

Are you afraid to say "no"?

All relationships need boundaries: your family, your friends, your colleagues and even strangers. Self-awareness is the first step, however, it can be difficult when relationships are set a certain way. Redefine yourself and your relationships in a healthy way.


Getting Through a Trauma

Have you survived a stressful, frightening or

distressing event?

Do you have nightmares, flashbacks or anxiety related to what happened?

The emotional and physical consequences of trauma can seriously affect your quality of life. You don't have to suffer alone, it's important to build a safe environment where you can elaborate all these feelings.

Grief Counseling and Support

Have you lost someone special?
Do you feel these memories upset you or prevent you to move on?

Grief sometimes is like a shadow that follows you around. You can function in life, but you can’t move on. You can feel sad, nostalgic, even angry and guilty. Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting. Start your path to recovery.

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Are you having trouble connecting with people or with someone in particular?

Is it difficult to be assertive?

Our mental health and well being is highly related to the quality of the relationships that we have. Human beings are moved by love and affection, however, some relationships are more difficult than others.

Getting to know yourself and understanding those around you will help you nurture and attend this important aspect of your life.

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