Judgement-free Individual and Couples Counseling by Stephanie Essenfeld. 

Untangling lives through therapy.

Dedicate a few minutes to yourself (or your partner) and recognize if you’re feeling:






Naming your feelings and having support, listened and understood will take an important weight off your shoulders.


I'm Stephanie Essenfeld

I have dedicated myself to the study of psychology and interpersonal relationships during the last ten years. I have a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from "Nova Southeastern University", and I'm currently a marriage and family therapy registered intern.


People who come to me, alone or with their partner, do it because of difficulties in understanding themselves and others, having difficulties reaching an effective communication in their relationships. 


I help my clients to reconnect with themselves and with others. I help them to communicate assertively and empathically, to manage conflict, to reduce stress using the most advanced and validated approaches.

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