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In moments of social isolation, I find myself feeling a lot of empathy with all the people I see in my practice who live alone and far from their loved ones. Later I found myself thinking about the millions of people I don’t get to see in my practice who are in the same situation.

I think that now more than ever connecting with other human beings is vital to live this situation in the healthiest way possible. So, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a community of people who are in similar situations.

I invite you to join our Facebook group, created solely and exclusively to support us and find tools to cope with this difficulty that is shaking us all. By being part of this community, you will be able to connect with people around the world who also feel a little lost and, just like you,  are having trouble managing their emotions and the sudden changes of everyday. ¡Join up here!

This group will allow you to: 

  • Create close relationships that will show you that together we are stronger. 

  • Quickly understand how to attend to your emotions to use them as an engine to move forward. 

  • Learn to effectively communicate your needs in times of crisis within your relationships.

  • Connect through video with group members from around the world to share your experiences and support each other through  the distance! 

  • Learn about excellent subjects, with innovative and refreshing points of view of professionals from all over the world, dedicating their time and knowledge to open our minds and hearts to new horizons.

It includes:

Interactive workshops: Two sessions a day by video call on the Zoom platform with different professionals, who will feed you with information on various topics of interest such as: anxiety in uncertain times, meditation, nutrition, art therapy, mindfulness, financial advice and much more.


Skype appointments: To get to know each other better, you can schedule appointments with group members to connect and support each other regardless of distance. This is a way to meet others who are probably going through a similar situation.

Questions and answers: We will have an open conversation, where you can at any time comment on your doubts and I will do my best to answer them.

Downloadable routine: You can download a weekly routine, where I invite you to follow an organized plan, with ideas for physical exercise, spaces to share with your loved ones online, moments to dedicate to yourself for introspection, to this community, new projects to undertake , space to work, etc. With this I will help you maintain a structure during this time so that you can take advantage of, nourish yourself, be distracted and keep a healthy routine.

PDFs: I will send PDF documents that you can download and print, with concise and easy-to-read information that will include tools to manage the emotions that this moment entails.

Reading Club (optional): Every week we will read a chapter of a book and by the end of the week we will connect by video call to share  our learning with the author of the book (if possible).

Extra: I will be sharing other resources that can be of help in this situation. For example, videos, podcast episodes, books, articles and authors with relevant topics.


Looking forward to seeing there and share with us while we get through these hard times.
If you are interested in joining us in this message of support you can register here.

See you soon via Facebook!