My Story

Some time ago, while doing my master’s program in Marriage and Family therapy, I found myself in the middle of a family crisis, which led me to look for counseling.

My first therapy experience was shocking because everything that I was being taught not to do was being done to me, and it was very confusing!

I remember after every session, I felt like I had more problems in my mind than those which I came in with. I ended up feeling like my life was getting more and more Tangled and found my self in a deep dark hole.

This experience led me to seek help from another professional, and this time it was a very different process, totally mind changing for me.
When I left the sessions with her, I felt relieved. I knew I was moving forward and untangling the mess I had in my mind. That is when “Therapy Untangled” was born. I knew this was precisely the experience I wanted to provide in my future (now, present) private practice.

I believe that the most crucial element when seeking counseling is to find someone who you are comfortable with, someone that you feel safe with, someone that seeks to join your world with curiosity and radical acceptance. Someone who you know doesn´t judge you in any way.

Moreover, find someone who lets you drive the sessions and lead you to become responsible for your own life; that way, both of you can ensure that no type of unhealthy dependence is created.
You want to be sure that whenever you terminate the therapy because you have reached your goals, you will be able to handle your issues on your own, and that even though therapy will always be there when you need it, you have the self-confidence and the tools to make your own assertive decisions. This is how you can be sure that therapy actually helped you and not made your life more complicated.
I hope I can be that person and guide you through your own healing.

It would be my honor.


Stephanie Essenfeld

I have dedicated myself to the study of psychology and interpersonal relationships during the last ten years. I have a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from "Nova Southeastern University".

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